With a comprehensive range of products and solutions, EIS can guarantee your technology needs are not just met, but exceeded. We work closely with our clients and assist with onboarding and implementation, adoption and training and customer support.

(Now part of Litera)

Workshare Compare accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you’ll never miss a beat.

Clean risky metadata from emails and attachments.

Metadact is a metadata management solution that automatically identifies hidden data and cleans it from files, helping to protect against loss of reputation, financial risk, data leakage, and possible malpractice due to inadvertent disclosure. Metadact performs a thorough scrub of files, attaches clean versions to emails, and then helps protect against common email recipient mistakes. Reduce risk, ensure compliance and clean anywhere.

Reduce Risk, Review Documents Faster and Improve Quality.

Contract Companion is a proofreading tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure your documents meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations. The tool will check for defined term usage, cross-referencing and other drafting items.

Store and use the best clauses, faster.

Clause Companion is a clause library solution that allows for easy storage, retrieval, and distribution of content, from within Microsoft Word and the documents you’re working on.


Analyze, repair, format and restyle documents with ease.

DocXtools is a robust set of document repair tools to help you repair and style your documents, greatly increasing document quality and cuts review time in half. It helps legal teams meet client demands, improve collaboration, and quickly produce high-quality documents.

Manage checklists, signatures and closing books.

Convert the manual, tedious process of managing transactions into a secure collaborative workspace with Litera Transact. The result? A painless and more profitable way to get deals done.


Simplify document drafting.

Litera Desktop is a single toolbar that includes everything a lawyer needs to draft documents creating an integrated, seamless experience that ensures user adoption and consolidates vendors.



Litera Desktop is the legal industry’s only unified solution that supports the best-of-breed document drafting technology through a single Word ribbon



Save time and effort spent on support, billing, and procurement with one point of contact that truly understands your business.



Avoid conflict between add-ins. Updates are released quarterly to help plan ahead, and to help maintain security, stability, and compatibility.

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